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NICO-Life Supports Polytechnic Society of Students for banking and Finance (SSOBAF)

The faculty of commerce at The Malawi Polytechnic in Blantyre launched the Society of Student for Banking and Finance (SSOBAF) at the Malawi Polytechnic in a bid to bring about visibility and ethical development among the prospective employers and the students in the banking and financing sectors.


The event theme was “Breakthrough to Excellence” a two-fold call to action for us as a society and as students aspiring to become successful professionals soon. During the opening remarks, the outgoing president of SSOBAF Daires Sulamoyo, stated that the launch is an extremely important milestone for the society as it marks the coming of age of the SSOBAF grouping.

On behalf of the Dean of Commerce, Mr. Augustin Chitenga emphasized on the need for high moral standards. He said, “There is an escalating decay on the moral standards and ethical levels in the industry from students who had graduated and are now working. This programme was captured to fill a need.” The school took its time to introduce Banking and Finance as a course to the school in order to fill the need to the industry. “As students you need to demonstrate and earn all you can as bankers in order to fill this void in the industry, by being high moral and ethical graduates", Chitenga said.

The event was graced by the Chief Executive Officer of NICO Life, Mr. Eric Chapola. He gave a presentation on his career history. As an alumnus at the Polytechnic, he encouraged the students to always be competitive and attain all goals set. He went on to advice the students to lower their unrealistic high expectations that they usually have whenever they join the corporate world. He added that, “many students lose jobs in the industry because of short cuts to get rich quickly". Mr. Chapola concluded by advising the students on how the industry is filled with competition. He said, “If someone isn’t doing it, then do it yourself. Because if you don’t someone else will.” he concluded by stating how discipline, honesty, ethics and integrity are the pillars of moral behaviors in the industry.

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