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NICO Life and NICO Pension Team Building Retreat

NICO Life and its subsidiary company NICO Pension held a team building retreat at College of Medicine on Saturday 13th July 2019

Speaking during his opening remarks, NICO Life and Pension Chief Executive Officer Eric Chapola was excited that the companies had the event and it was timely considering new staff joking and some leaving company so need to ensure team works well together.

The event started with remarks from CEO and then a game that tested many of the staff’s basic skills such as listening, responsiveness focusing on change management.

Speaking after the first game, NICO Life CEO advised they “Decided to use games to learn more about each other we have over 120 staff from all the offices in Blantyre, Lilongwe and Mzuzu. The team building was set to be used to get staff to know each other and get closer together as a team in a fun atmosphere refreshed. The sessions have great impact as knowing each other helps makes processes faster and help others service stakeholders better. The team building will benefit staff and other stakeholders as they team will work better together, achieve set targets, obtain greater bonuses, shareholders to benefit from better team performance and customers will benefit superior customer service from the refreshed team. The Session will help to efforts done in first half of the year and ensure better results in the second half of the year.

Speaking on behalf of the staff who attended the function Finance Assistant Faith Ngwira said she was happy the company was having the team building retreat as it will allow teams to know each other better. It is also important considering office is our second home so need to learn more about office teams and the activities have shown we think different but we one company so we need to manage our relationships better for benefit of company.

The team building retreat was facilitated by F&N Business Consultants Ltd. The staff had a fun day interacting at the day

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