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NICO Life partners MISA Malawi in Aerobics Fundraiser

MISA Malawi organized an aerobics session on 4th March 2019, at Moneymen in Blantyre and Bingu stadium in Lilongwe from 6 am. This is in a bid to fundraise for the institute office building in Lilongwe. The event brought together a lot of people to participate in the aerobics session and also provided a platform for people to network. The participants included people from all walks of life who are interested in living a healthy life through exercises.

NICO Life partnered MISA Malawi in the event through a donation of K400,000. The partnership is to support the belief that healthy people are capable of engaging in various economic activities that result in accumulating personal income and wealth creation for the nation. NICO Life showcased the individual life products that are on offer and of much interest was on the Tilinanu Funeral policy. A lot of people showed interest in the funeral policy as it provides convenience through quick claim settlement in times of death and its affordability.

The sales team mounted a Gazebos and highly engaged the participants on the products both in Lilongwe and Blantyre events.

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