NICO Life Insurance Company Limited held its annual strategic planning conference from 31st july to 2nd August, 2017 at Protea Ryalls Hotel. The seminar was held in the CBD close to town to ensure the absence of managers from office did not disrupt normal duties. The theme of the strategy underscored NICO Life’s ambitions to take its business to greater heights by evaluating how to enhance client service delivery to individual business and group business clients.

The conference was attended by EXCO, all managers and all assistant managers for the company and saw Eddie Botes of MCA Training International facilitated this year’s event. Eddie Botes is an international business motivational speaker and facilitator based in Cape Town, South Africa. Eddie inspired and challenged the NICO Life team to think differently in a world that is changing faster than we can imagine.

He cited the need for NICO Life to draft a strategy that will set it apart from others in the life insurance market and communicate the set action plan to all staff so they are aware of company direction and the need to hold everyone accountable for actions in order to achieve success. He was pleased to work with NICO Life team had done beforehand and stressed the need for the team to commit to their WIGS (Wildly Important Goals) and the need for their commitment to the plan to ensure agreed actions will be implemented.

In his remarks, Eric Chapola, the Chief Executive Officer for NICO Life stressed the need for various sections to ensure their plans align to deliberated strategy and that proposed actions are realistic. He urged for more collaboration amongst the team to ensure the company may achieve success as a team. He noted that the environment has changed so NICO Life must also change and work to achieve its vision and not play second fiddle to competitors. He reminded managers and their assistants how each person’s responsibility is linked to the overall company objectives and how they must work well individually and in their teams to deliver.